Tuesday, 14 February 2012

So it begins...

Well, everyone seems to be blogging these days, and I'm not one to avoid a bandwagon when it's in town, so here I am, hopping right on.

I've actually been thinking of blogging about books for a while, ever since I read 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett way back in June 2011, whilst on holiday. I'm not quite sure why that particular one, out of the many, many books I've read, made me want to do it; maybe it's because I found so much to say about it, and I sensed my boyfriend was getting tired of my jabbering on about it, that I thought something like this would help. Naturally, after I had the idea, I did what I do best; ignore it for ages and then finally cave in. That's how I roll.

The name of the blog may, to some, be familiar; I have borrowed it from a favourite song of mine from a favourite band of mine, Maximo Park. Hopefully they'll be okay with it. But it's also more than that. If you were to ever go into the loft at my parents' house (and I'm not quite sure why you would), you would find the usual mish-mash of attic paraphernalia - old childhood toys; the kind of chairs that only get brought down at Christmas for the unfortunate relatives who make it to the table too late; Christmas decorations and old school memorabilia. But you'd also find many, many boxes filled with even more books, that form a kind of labyrinth around the loft. In fact, if you were a Borrower, you'd almost definitely get lost in the long and winding path these scattered boxes create. A recent trip home took me into this loft, where I found my memories also packed up tight with the sad little books who got 'put away' so long ago, when I decided I was grown up and would read grown up books from now on, thank you very much. As I took the books from these boxes and marvelled at how many books I had forgotten, I resolved that, in years to come, I would have some solid record of books I loved and loathed, seeing as my memory has already started de-cluttering itself.

I won't say this blog will be looking at new releases, or even be giving my view on 'critically acclaimed classics'. Quite frankly, I'm not so arrogant as to think anyone would give two tosses about my opinion on books everyone already loves. However, I will be reviewing any book I care to; depending on how much I like, or dislike, the book in question. I hope I'll enjoy writing it, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

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