Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Harry Potter Summary

A re-read of the Harry Potter books last year - and a tumblr post of Harry Potter from Draco Malfoy's point of view, as tweeted by J. K. Rowling herself - got me thinking how the Harry Potter books can - more or less - each be broken down into one sentence. Luckily (depending on your point of view), despite not blogging at the time, I remembered to write down what I thought, and seeing as it's Harry Potter Book Night today I figured now was as good a time as any to share. WARNING - GIFS (that aren't always fully appropriate) AND SPOILERS AHOY (if there's anyone left who hasn't read these books/at least watched the films...)


 The Philosopher's Stone
Harry's a Wizard

 The Chamber of Secrets
Harry can talk to snakes

The Prisoner Of Azkaban
Harry's got a Criminal Godfather

The Goblet Of Fire
Harry's in a Tournament

The Order Of The Phoenix
Harry's in a Prophecy

The Half-Blood Prince
Harry's got a Book that's cleverer than him

The Deathly Hallows
Harry's a Horcrux


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